Best Exercise For Abs And To Strengthen Your Core

Two sporty women doing exercise abdominal crunches

The core is an important part of the body when it comes to exercise, which means that the abs need to be worked. The best exercise for abs is an exercise that can work multiple muscles at once to make the entire core stronger. The following exercises will provide a challenging workout that will strengthen, tone, and enhance the abs.

Two sporty women doing exercise abdominal crunches

The Spider-man plank crunch share its name with a famous super hero and after doing it, anyone will feel like and have the physique of one. To begin the exercise, get into a regular plank position, keeping the body straight and forearms resting on the floor. Raise the right knee so it comes close to the right elbow and then go back to the plant. Do the same thing with the left knee and left elbow and return to plank again to make one while rep. 10 reps of this exercise should be done to work out all of the muscles in the core.

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The cable rotation as the name implies, requires a cable to provide the necessary resistance to work out the abs. In a standing position, hold the cable in front with both hands a little lower than the shoulders. The arms must stay straight for maximum effectiveness of the exercise. Rotate only the upper section of the body to the left and then center again. Then rotate right, and to the center for a complete rep. Repeat the exercise until 10 reps are done. The obliques really get a good workout with this exercise, which is a bonus for anyone who plays sports that use a hand held item for swinging, such as tennis, baseball or golf.

Although the bicycle crunch mimics the simple movements of a bicycle, it does a lot to work the abs, taking care of the lower abs, obliques, and center muscles. It can be done by lying on the back with the legs raised. The knees should be bent to a 90 degree angle and the hands should be resting behind the head. Move the right elbow to the left knee, and then alternate to bring the left elbow to the right knee. Keep each crunch in place for two counts, continuing the exercise for a full minute.

Another simple yet effective exercise, the cross chop comes with the added benefit of safety since the body is directly on the ground. Form an X shape by lying on the ground with the arms and legs diagonal. While keeping all of the limbs straight, raise the right hand to the left foot while lifting upwards with shoulders, head, and neck. Come down and do the same with the left hand and right foot for one rep, then repeat until 10 reps are done.

The Swiss ball roll out is an exercise similar to those done with an ab wheel, but it’s more comfortable and safer to do. Place the knees on a mat for support and put both hands on the Swiss ball. While making sure the abs are working and the back is straight, roll the ball away from the body and then roll it backs lowly for one roll out. Complete 10 full roll outs and then do another set. This exercise can be modified to work the obliques by rolling to the sides at 45 degrees.

The best exercise for abs will create a burn that will be felt with each rep. Any of these exercises will work the abs and transform them for the better.